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Published: 29th September 2010
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Located in the south most part of India, Tamil Nadu is a place where small businesses are flourishing under the canopy of business oriented policies and favorable natural conditions. Because of huge industrial developments, the economy of the state is one of the most promising economies across India with the cost of Domestic Product over US $ 23 billion. Growth of small businesses in Tamil Nadu can be felt through the fact that in year 1991-92 total number of permanent registered units were 138404, which rose to 387597 during 2000-01 with the total investment of 11567.22 crores and production of 78261.66. These units have given employment to 2902122 people, which is a great achievement in itself.

In recent times huge number of investment proposals has been put forward leading to the growth of small business. Ancillary, food processing and textile are the chief small and medium enterprises in Tamil Nadu. The boost to the automobile industries is given by the big giants like Ford and Hynundai who have their main offices in the state.

If we look at different industries then handloom and handicraft industry of Tamil Nadu is well known across the world. The quality of the fabric, its weave and type of embroidery is not found anywhere else. Owing to this reason business related to ready-made garments and hosiery has seem major growth. It has the maximum number of units in the state that are 89,464. This is followed by the manufacturing units and food processing units. Share of Tobacco and Tobacco products, Jute, Hemp and Mesla items and Beverages is below 1%.

Also most of the businesses in the state are related to agriculture as it is still the staple sector. Along with general food industries, the industries related to processed and packed food are getting recognized as the demand for their products is mounting day by day. More and more number of cold storages for exporting the frozen vegetables and fruits are increasing. Coimbatore and Chennai are the chief cities in the state where you can find business related to this.

Huge role in the development of small industries have been played by the Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Limited (TANSIDCO) that was established in 1970. It is working with the whole sole objective of developing Micro and Small Enterprises in Tamil Nadu. With the unvarying and standard efforts of TANSIDCO, enormous expansion in infrastructure has been seen for the growth of small business. In infrastructural development, roads, bridges, building and other civic building are considered. So Tamil Nadu bridge tenders are the part of these projects that come under the civil works and construction tenders in Tamil Nadu. Through these bridge construction tenders, bridges across the valley, road, railroad, river or any other physical obstacles are constructed for the growth of small business as this provides easy transportation.

TANSIDCO from time to time keeps offering many other proposals and execute them with perfection. Such as during 2008-09 proposal to develop 19 industrial estates have been made in Tamil Nadu by the Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Limited. Kovilpatti, Thoothukudi District, Vichoor, Thiruvallur District, Thiruverumbur, Trichy District, Alathur, Kancheepuram District are few to name in this. Many Tamil Nadu tender proposals have been put forward for these huge projects that are won by the big to small companies in this sector leading to the growth and development.

Thus with the participation of Government and private sector the small and medium businesses are flourishing in the state leading to great economy and employment opportunities.

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